WordPress site

WordPress site.

W-E-F is a progressive Digital Agency specialized in building professional and user-friendly websites in WordPress. Websites and webshops built by us are unique, eye-catching and completely in line with your organization. This results for you in a unique design for your WordPress website. We can realize a webshop via WordPress for you through WooCommerce. This has been specially developed for starting a webshop within your WordPress website.

W-E-F also makes custom websites that are distinctive in the digital world. Our goal is to realize a website that combines commerce and content in such a way that your visitors have a great customer experience. In addition, it should be easy for you to use. Let’s talk about the best custom website for you!

Why via W-E-F ?

The WordPress website that we build is in line with the existing or new corporate identity in terms of design. We advise and think about the call-2-action widgets, other buttons, layout and other important matters. In this way we build a well-converting website. We do not work with purchased templates, but make 100% custom designs so that we can implement all your wishes. Our websites are of course responsive and suitable for all devices.

And then findability?

Of course, the process is not complete when we deliver the website. Because having a website is not enough, you also have to be findable (for example via Google or other search engines). Of course we can also help with this with our online marketing services. This way we not only ensure that your website looks cool, but is also easy to find and encourages visitors to take action!

A website according to your wishes


We always start by determining the wishes and functionalities. From basic to complete customization, everything is possible for us. Our basis is always a fully customized WordPress environment.

wire frame

Now that we know what you need to pop online, we’re going to draw it out in a so-called wireframe. In this wireframe we determine which elements will be placed where, so that the visitor can easily navigate through your website.


Het wireframe is besproken en staat vast. Tijd om los te gaan met de vormgeving van de webshop. We geven het geheel een look, die helemaal afgestemd is op het imago van jouw merk of bedrijf.


After you have seen and agreed to the complete design, we will get started to transform it into a working webshop. Of course we ensure that it works perfectly on all different devices (such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones).

Get Started !

The website has been built. Time to fill this one. With our super simple block system you can get started yourself and put your content on the website in no time. Are you short on time or do you find it scary to get started in the back-end of the website, or do you just not feel like it? We are happy to help you with this.

And what about the results?

Now that your website is live, it is of course important that you also get (relevant!) visitors to your website. Did we write the lyrics for you? Then these are already SEO-proof. A well-optimized SEO website is essential to achieve optimal results. Read more about SEO.

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