Every organization wants the attention of the target group. Because more attention means more traffic, more customers, and more sales. The way to achieve that is the digital newsletter. You can easily make the link with the Mailchimp newsletter system via W-E-F.

Digital newsletters are a widely used and successful form of email marketing. With a newsletter you give a lot of subscribers a digital tap on the shoulder at the same time with which you draw attention to a news or offer. Hey there, we’re starting new courses again! A newsletter generates traffic and conversion. Moreover, with a newsletter you show that your company or practice is in full swing and keeps up with the times. And that increases your authority in your field.

Send a newsletter via the Mailchimp newsletter system

How does a newsletter work
You send newsletters to subscribers. By registering through your website, a subscriber indicates that he/she wants to be kept informed of the latest news, VIP sales, course information, and so on. Newsletters these days look slick and are full of invitations to click through. That is not without reason, because readers who click through can become paying customers. But there is another reason to regularly send a newsletter: it is good for your position in Google. A lot of traffic to your website gives you a helping hand for your findability.

Newsletter system Mailchimp

Not only does a newsletter have to look good, it also requires the necessary knowledge of email lists and subscriber management. A commonly used newsletter system is Mailchimp. Mailchimp offers its customers the opportunity to easily and quickly create and send beautiful newsletters. In addition, you have more than a hundred modern and responsive newsletter templates at your disposal. Via Mailchimp you can easily set up and manage multiple email campaigns. You also gain insight into the results of your newsletters; how many readers clicked through and which part of them converted?

How does it work?

Are you going to create and send a newsletter via Mailchimp? Then you need readers. You collect subscribers by including a registration form on your website. You can easily create these via the CMS. In the settings of the form you can indicate whether you want to create a link with Mailchimp. After entering your API key and your List ID, all registrations are automatically forwarded to your email list in Mailchimp. Read all about the forms module in our manual.

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