Findability in Google is important. Search engine optimization (SEO) means that you help the factors that influence your position in Google. There are hundreds of factors that count. We can roughly divide them into: web design (technique), content and popularity (social media and link building). We have already optimized the first factor for you.

SEO web design

Google employs small robots that read in the code of your website what your website is about. On the basis of this information, Google assesses whether your website is a suitable search result for a search query. At W-E-F we ensure that the code of our website templates is clean and correctly constructed. Our websites are fast and free of bugs and sloppy HTML. Google can index your website excellently and that is crucial for your website SEO. The responsive web design of our website templates is also a strong and indispensable plus. Finally, we attach an SSL certificate to every website; an added value for your position in the search engines.

SEO CMS for optimal content

Not only have we optimized the web design, we have also optimized the CMS so that you can easily make your content SEO-proof. Everywhere in the CMS you will find tools with which you can provide pages, texts and images with qualitative keywords and content. For example, you can give each page a meta title and meta description. You can provide images with alt text, links with title tags and you can influence how and whether your page should be indexed by Google robots. In this way, Google understands perfectly what you sell or what service you provide and Google will highly value your website. Our CMS was developed with the help of a reputable search engine marketing agency. We closely monitor developments in the field of online findability and update when necessary.

Improve SEO website with good texts

Do you want help with search engine optimization of your website content? Our SEO copywriters know the tricks of the trade to get your website higher in Google. They provide texts that run smoothly and are SEO-proof. They also take care of things like internal links, image metas. Go for completely new texts or a boost of your current content. Contact us for a free quote.

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